statement for [lonely girl already time] at tokyo arts and space

In an age when the diversification of means of communication has enabled us to perform variousconvenient transactions, we have mastered the art of socializing with people from acomprehensive kind of position. I no longer need to worry about others, but in exchange for thisnew freedom, I have a conflicting and alarming feeling that my sensitivity keeps decreasing.

It is the time I spend with other people; moments in which I'm surrounded by nature, and mysenses are honed and emotions are roused; or such everyday situations as watching a scenerythrough the smoke of a cigarette, or a wrestling match on TV, that impress themselves deep in the back of my mind as if triggering flashbacks, and thereby eventually pull me back from thistroubling sensation.


Extracting through my paintings certain images while recollecting sceneries and my perceptionof them is for me a way of fighting my own insensitivity, and I hope that, at the same time, theresults strike a chord with someone else.